Can I install the latest version of YO WhatsApp on ISO and Android?

download YO Whatsapp

Do you want to download YO Whatsapp? As you can imagine, the demand for using applications that meet the most diverse needs of users in terms of text message exchange has increased over time. The dominant one is undoubtedly WhatsApp.

YO Whatsapp APK Android

Since users have reported that the official Whatsapp version lacks some features, alternative versions are being developed to try to provide the features missing in the original app. YO Whatsapp is one of these apps, and in this article I'll tell you all the information you need so you can download Whatsapp from this location on your device.

Let's get started!

What is YO WhatsApp 2022?

As already stated, YO Whatsapp is an unofficial premium version of Whatsapp that provides additional features to those already present in the application.

After the GB Whatsapp 'mod' application, this alternative is the best known on the Internet and is a great option for those who are looking for more features that WhatsApp can offer, with security and reliability.

What's New in YO Whatsapp APK Android

Raw quality - YO Whatsapp allows its users to send files in raw quality. This is because the media does not go through a compression process when it is shared.

Large files: With this application, you can send large files without having to break them into chunks like you do when sharing videos in Whatsapp official.

Hide "Online": This allows you to use your app freely without your contacts knowing you are online.

Hide "Blue Tick" and "second Tick": This feature allows you to hide the confirmation of sending and displaying messages, so your contacts will think you don't have an internet signal, when in fact it is the configuration of this mod.

Hide Activity - YO Whatsapp allows users to hide messages from contacts by "typing" and "recording audio".

Hidden Blue Microphone: In the official WhatsApp, when you listen to audio, it is as if you have listened to the audio you received, regardless of whether you have activated the read confirmation in the configuration. Without using this application, you can hide this message from your contacts by listening to the audio without them knowing that you have done so.

Personalization: YO Whatsapp offers its users a wide range of themes and text fonts so they can choose and customize their Whatsapp the way they want.

Distraction-free mode: The application also allows you to activate airplane mode only in Whatsapp, so you can use your phone and all its features without receiving messages and calls from your contacts.

Backup - YO Whatsapp gives users the option to backup their incoming conversations and files. So if you change devices or decide to return to the official Whatsapp, it will continue to use all messages and media.

Extended Status: This feature allows you to share status with up to 7 minutes of video without splitting the video every 30 seconds.

Sticker Pack - YO Whatsapp offers its users a range of exclusive stickers and allows them to create their own stickers.

Cleaner: This feature provides you with unnecessary chat cleanup services so you don't have to bother deleting them all.

Share: The app allows its users to send videos up to 7 minutes long, 50MB in size and up to 100MB of audio.

Security - YO Whatsapp also has a lockdown tool that eliminates the need for third-party apps to do the job. Using this feature, you can set passwords in the app and in each individual conversation and keep your chats private.

History: The platform also has a history of your activity, showing you the time you were in and out, messages sent and received, and other tasks performed in the app.

Anti-ban: YO Whatsapp developers have come up with a pattern that prevents your official Whatsapp account from being banned.

Customize Last View - This is one of the main enhancements that allow your users to customize the last view of each contact.

Download YO WhatsApp

Like all other MODs, this MOD cannot be downloaded from the Play Store or other app stores, you must download the APK app from other alternatives to run it on your device, either Android or iOS.

On the other hand, as with all modified versions of Whatsapp, you should back up your conversations before uninstalling the app, as conversations are not automatically migrated and after YO Whatsapp registration your account in the app official will be cancelled and there will no longer be a way to save your messages and media.

How do I install YO Whatsapp?

You don't know the steps you must follow to install YO Whatsapp? Don't worry! Next, I'll show you the steps you need to install the app on your device, either Android or iOS.

Installing on Android

This is a very simple task, although it requires more work compared to downloading from the Play Store. To install YO Whatsapp on Android, you must.

  • Enable the "Unknown Sources" option on your phone. To do this, go to Settings and go to "Security".
  • Download the application in APK format, preferably from one of the above sites, which have been reviewed and secured for customers.
  • Once downloaded, run the file and allow it to install.
  • Create your account in Whatsapp Official.

Installation on iPhone (iOS)

Theoretically, the application is only available for Android devices, but an installation option has been developed for users who have an Iphone and wish to use the application.

There are two options for installing YO Whatsapp on iOS.

  • The first case is for those who do not have a jailbreak (method of unlocking the device). In this case, the user needs to install the IPA application available on the Life Case website and install it with the help of Cydia Impactor.
  • The second option is jailbreaking. whatsApp+ will be installed from an alternative app store that is not available in the official store.

Is YOWhatsApp secure?

Yes, YO Whatsapp is highly rated by users and is recognized as one of the best Whatsapp modules. The privacy and security policy of the application is very similar to the official application that conveys confidence to customers.

Moreover, the difficulty that may arise is that WhatsApp manages to disable it and its developers also solve this problem by using a code that protects your account from deleting your application number.

There are many sites that offer to download YO Whatsapp, but many of them are fraudulent, so be careful when downloading. One piece of advice is to always check if the site has SSL encryption, which is a margin of safety for users.

The application is gaining more and more space in the digital world and its features have led many official WhatsApp users to change their accounts through this MOD. With this, YO Whatsapp is an application that offers security, privacy and a variety of features that make your download worthwhile.